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Mosquito control in Arlington, TX is based on the normal mosquito's three-week life cycle. Mosquitoes are well-known for breeding around water. You might be surprised to learn that this could be as small as a bottle cap full! This is why, at Mosquito Authority - Arlington, TX, the first step in our plan is to reduce standing water on your property. Standing water can be found in a variety of places, including birdbaths, flowerpots, and even your own home. We recommend that you examine all of these spots for standing water and, if possible, remove them. Our next step in mosquito control in Arlington, TX is to apply our biological larvicide to any remaining breeding sites. This device employs a naturally occurring bacteria to kill mosquito larvae before they become adults and bite people. This product will be applied twice during our treatment process: once when we first come on-site and again at the conclusion of your therapy. Business Email: texasma@bugsbite.com Services: Mosquito Control, Mosquito Treatment, Mosquito Company, Tick Control, Mosquito Service.
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Many pest control companies don’t guarantee that you’ll end up with a mosquito-free yard, but Mosquito Authority does.


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